Recruiters only recruit for posted positions


Not so, recruitment agencies have large databases full of candidates so before we advertise a role we will search our database.

As a recruitment agency, our role is to find the right person for the roles our clients need to recruit for. In order to do this effectively, we have a selection of candidates with a variety of skills already registered and ‘interview ready’. So, when joining a recruitment agency you would usually go through a registration process. In this registration, among other things, the consultant will ask you what roles you are looking for, why you are looking for a new job, your qualifications and your skills. They will take copies of your right to work and proof of address and save these securely.  Once all of this is taken note of and put into the system we can match you up to available roles, or, if nothing is immediately right for you, keep your details on our data base for future reference.

So make sure you are in our database. Click the link to register online now. Morgan Jones Registration


Agencies Cost Money


There is this myth that recruitment agencies take money out of worker’s pay or charge a registration fee. This is not true; it is a free service to you. The companies who are looking for staff pay the agency a fee for their service. No reputable agency should ever ask you for money.


Agencies Only Offer Temporary Jobs


Most agencies not only offer temporary roles, but also permanent and contract roles too!

Although there is nothing wrong with a temporary role some people stay away from the idea as you may be “temping for the rest of your life”. This is not true; a temporary role is a way to gain experience in a new industry or it can keep you busy whilst looking for a permanent role. You never know if a temporary role may become a permanent one if you show off your full potential and skill set to the employer.

If you’re not interested in a temporary role at all then that’s no problem, most agencies also have a wide range of permanent and contract roles.


Recruiters are only interested in the money


Recruitment agencies are commercial enterprises and of course they want and need to earn a living at what they do. However, a good recruiter will want to make sure that they have happy and confident candidates going for interview and working on their temporary assignments. It is vital for a recruiters reputation that this is the case and the way to do this is to ensure that candidates are fully informed, have been given details such as correct salary and hourly rates and want the job that they are being selected for. Also and importantly, recruiters want to place their candidates as it provides us with immense job satisfaction. There is nothing better than to be instrumental in getting someone their dream job!


And finally, one point that is correct about Recruitment Agencies…

A Recruitment Agency is an integral part of your job search


Yes! Recruitment agencies are here to provide you with a service, to help you find your dream career or even to just keep you ticking over with a part time or temporary role. Recruitment agencies want you to succeed and what to provide you with motivation, inspiration and valuable guidance from the minute you contact the agency to the minute you are offered the job.

You’ll be surprised how much you can learn from a recruitment agency for example you will be guided in writing your cv to the very best it can be, and tips on how to ace an interview.

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