Compliance, Screening, And Employment Checks

Finding the right people is a challenge all by itself. Conducting all of the appropriate checks takes up valuable time that slows the process down to a halt. In the fast-moving recruitment world, there is immense value in saving as much time as possible.

Making the right hiring decisions can never be left to chance, so we have built a compliance and screening service to make sure you have everything in place so you make the right decision every time.

Other services often focus purely on larger corporations, however, we have developed a streamlined process that works for every business. From start-ups and small businesses through to international giants, we work with you to make sure you don’t lose out on great candidates and that you stay compliant at every stage of the recruitment process.

What do I get? What will it cost?

We believe in fair transparent pricing. Therefore, up to 200 files will cost £100 plus VAT person plus any DBS, Credit, and Social Media checks you wish to conduct.

Got a lot of files? If you have over 200 files then we will apply a 10% discount.

Payment will be due within 2 weeks of the start of the first file.

If, for whatever reason, the file is incomplete – for example, due to a candidate dropping out or you changing your mind – then you will receive a 25% refund regardless of the stage.

Standard Checks

  • Right to work documentation

  • References

  • Employment Work History

  • Employment Gaps Report

  • DBS

  • Social Media Check

  • Credit Check

Specialised Checks

  • Everything in Standard

  • Immunisation Proof

  • Business Purpose Car Insurance

  • NMC Membership Status Check

  • Extended DBS Forms

  • Working Time Directives

  • Application Forms

  • Image Consent Forms

  • Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreements

Not sure where to start?

If you don’t know where to start, what career you want to take, or what job role would suit you, then talk to us today!

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