We are carbon neutral! Our first big step to becoming a Net Zero company.

Where the UK government aims to halve greenhouse gases by 2030 and to reach net zero by 2050, we wanted to help lead the charge by reducing our footprint down to nothing (and maybe, just maybe, becoming a net positive company).

This has been a goal for a while, and we decided to take this seriously this year.

Morgan Jones has taken a great green leap forward and become carbon neutral. We have always taken sustainability seriously and have even held the ISO 14001 Environmental Management accreditation.

First, we enrolled into the Net-Zero support program to measure our carbon footprint. We did this in association with Meercat Associates and Beyond Procurement, who work in conjunction with Kent County Council. This audit is the first big step in our journey of better, sustainable practices in business.

With the audit complete, it was found that as a business we had a relatively small footprint per year. This meant it has been easy to transition to the stage of becoming carbon neutral. To achieve this we have planted trees throughout the South- East. This has formed the bulk of our carbon neutral planning.

Every business and every person has a carbon footprint. We know this is completely unavoidable, but it can be offset.

By planting trees and implementing sustainable and better environmental practices we can have a positive input in the forever growing challenge of climate change.

This is only the beginning for us as we plan to become ultimately net- zero in the future.

We have already begun our journey by working with our supplier to use 100% renewable energy alongside adjusting our thermostats, minimising waste, installing LED lighting, using only reusable office products and supplies, and many more.

To conclude this has been a journey we have been working on for a long time and now we have finally achieved this, we cannot be prouder.

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