How much does it cost to use a recruitment agency?

Will I receive hundreds of CV’s to look through?

When will I be invoiced?

There seems to be a lot of confusion about recruitment agencies but we believe it’s a simple process. Below are the five simple steps that we use to find you the right new employee.


Step 1 – Understanding

We carefully read your job description and take ten minutes of your time to discuss the exact type of person you need. We will discuss your budget and the soft skills that you would like to see in your new hire.

All our terms and fees will be discussed with you at this stage, but it is important to know that there is no charge until you have confirmed a hire in Step 5.


Step 2 – Searching

This is the largest step for us, but the good news is that you don’t have to lift a finger.

We post the position on various job boards (e.g Reed, TotalJobs), our website, our window display and local job sites.

Using our own database and large online databases, we actively reach out to candidates. This allows us to target the very best fit for your business.

By using a range of search techniques, recruitment agencies expand the talent pool that is being reached. In turn, this allows us to be more specific and more selective with our search.


Step 3 – Verifying

Once we have identified potential candidates we collect all of their right to work documents, equal opportunities forms, proof of identity documents and DBS checks.

Further to this, we conduct introductory face to face interviews so they understand the requirements of the role and then we reference check all candidates to make sure we understand their employment history.


Step 4 – Selecting

We now have a list of verified, qualified candidates for you and we send over these in CV format to you. We may also feel that certain candidates are the ideal fit

and we’ll discuss those with you.

Now it is over to you to select those you would like to interview. Once you have done that, send us your availability and we will schedule the interview.

All final decisions are yours of course. Our job is to send you a small number of suitable candidates for you to choose from.

Up until this point, there are absolutely no fees involved. If you do not continue with one of the candidates, there is nothing to pay.


Step 5 – Completing

You’ve found the perfect hire and they have accepted your offer of employment.

In accordance with the original terms we agreed in Step 1, we will now invoice you for the agreed amount.

How much will it cost you? That depends on so many factors such as whether they are permanent or temporary, the salary or pay rate and the type of position. There is no standardised, fixed fee.

What we can say is this – we will always stick to the original agreement and there will be no additional charges. The terms are fixed early and we often include guarantees such as free replacements in a given period or a sliding scale of refunds based on length of service.

Again, these guarantees depend on the type of role and we’ll discuss this with you openly in Step 1.


At Morgan Jones our aim is to provide a simple, transparent service that saves you time and gives you access to a pool of talent that you may not have been to able to reach.

Sadly, we can’t answer the question of ‘how much does it cost to use a recruitment agency’, but we hope that that these steps make the process seem less daunting.




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