It’s been an incredible year for us here at Morgan Jones. We have now had new leadership for a whole year. Nicole, Chelsey, Kim, and Anna took over Morgan Jones, ushering in a new era to the story of Morgan Jones.


For 15 years I lived and breathed recruitment. As a member of Morgan Jones, I developed some fantastic friendships along the way.Jonathan and Julie-Ann were fantastic leaders and good friends. They gave me opportunities to develop, grow, learn, and progress. During their tenure, we achieved accolades such as staffing The 149th Golf Open Championship, supplying over 200 staff to Stonehill Park at Manston, being top Tier suppliers to the likes of Pfizer and Cummins, and so much more.To take over the business, a business that I love, a business that I am passionate about and a team that I adore, is the highlight of my career. I will forever be grateful to Jon and Julie-Ann for recognising my potential and growing my confidence to be able to take on such a position.This first year has had its ups and downs. The downs were fantastic learning opportunities. The ups were opportunities to put in place long anticipated changes. Everything we have done will set us up for the expansion we have all been chomping at the bit for!These changes include a team restructure allowing staff to focus on their strengths and growing the team by recruiting consultants and apprentices. We invested in the marketing team and revolutionised how we market our business. We also invested in Mental Health and a new, award-winning CRM system.As a lover of Business Development, being able to focus on this, approach high value tenders, and expand our reach has been amazing! In the past, I have always been a 360 consultant and our new structure allowed me, and all our staff, to focus on the areas they love, mine being BD!A new element to my role has been managing staff. All my career so far has focused on my development and where I will take things. Now, I have had to flip my focus to the development of my staff and where my staff will take things. This simple switch has been difficult at times, but, the team we have in place is so wonderfully effective that in reality, it has been a lot easier than it could’ve been. I am incredibly grateful for this and the wonderful MJ team!This time last year, I was nervous, excited, anxious and eager to get started! I will never forget the call we got from our legal team saying that everything was signed and we were officially the owners of Morgan Jones Ltd! The relief and giddiness that flowed through me as I hugged my fellow directors first the first time, was insane. I look back on this and am proud of everything we have achieved and learned over the last 12 months.Thank you Chelsey, Kim, and Nicole. I couldn’t have asked for 3 more wonderful women to go through this with!Stay tuned everyone, we are just getting started!


As I celebrate my 19th year working with Morgan Jones, I also celebrate my first year as Owner & Director along with 3 other amazing women Kim, Anna & Nicole and still can’t believe it is real! It has been an amazing first year but it has also been the biggest learning curve to understand what it takes to run a successful recruitment business.All four of us are still very much at the forefront of the business. While we all have to put out director’s hats on we are also still working in our original roles. We remain on the ground working with our staff and dealing with the day-to-day challenges. In truth, it has enabled us to support and make the right decisions for the business.All the operational and behind-the-scenes work has been the biggest eye-opener for me. It’s part of the business that you do not see as an employee which comes with a huge responsibility but I love it! After 19 years, it is a new challenge and development that I have welcomed and enjoyed. Being able to make positive decisions, big and small, gives a great sense of achievement and pride.Growing Morgan Jones as a business is something we set out to do from day one. In this first year, we have already made astounding headway in achieving our goals. We have tendered for multi-million-pound contracts, promoted 3 long-standing members of staff, taken on 2 new apprentices, grown the team of recruiters, invested in a state-of-the-art new CRM system, are now Carbon Neutral, MHFA trained, passed another ISO Audit, and everyone now gets their birthday off, fully paid! What a busy but amazing first 12 months we have had, and this is only the beginning.We couldn’t do what we do without the love and support that we have received from the wonderful staff that we have. They have all been amazing! To see the excitement from them all in watching us start this amazing journey, wanting to be a part of it, and share it with us is such a great feeling and we will be forever grateful.I want to say a huge thank you to my fellow directors for all their amazing hard work and dedication and support. They have made this new chapter in our lives so amazing. I have huge respect for them all and the friendships that have developed are ones I wouldn’t be without. I still don’t think it has sunk in that I have been given this amazing opportunity and will be forever thankful and grateful to Jonathan & Julie-Ann Clarke for this once in a lifetime opportunity.Here’s to the next 12 months, watch this space…………………..


When I joined Morgan Jones 23 years ago, working a few hours a week in Accounts I could never have dreamed that one day I would be sitting here as one of the directors!The difficulty for me has been to remember that I am now a director! My alarm is still set for 630am for an 830am start. Those around me remind me that ‘you can go in when you want to now’ but it’s instilled in me, a good work ethic!My role in the Accounts department is the one that has faced the most changes within the business. There have been regular updates and implementations in this past year with the changes in Government leadership.Luckily, I have been very fortunate to have a strong team in my department, who always give 101% facing any challenge. A special ‘thank you’ to them.A year has passed already, and with the compassion and dedication of the Morgan Jones team, we have had an amazing year above all expectations! To name a few, we have tendered for some amazing contracts, taken on 2 apprentices, promoted 3 of our staff, and are setting up a new CRM system which is all very exciting!I have learned that as individuals everyone has something to bring to the table, no matter how minuscule you may think it may seem. This is the reason that Chelsey, Anna, Nicole and myself work so well together. We gel as a team and are all individuals with our own strengths and attributes to make the dream team.The ideas and decisions that were not mine to make, now are. What’s more, they make a difference to the business, to people’s working day, and most importantly their lifestyle.Thanks go out to my fellow directors Chelsey, Anna and Nicole for the support and amazing journey this past year, we’ve got this!A personal thanks to Jonathan and Julie-Ann for believing in me and for giving me this opportunity, I feel honoured to continue your legacy!Finally, to the amazing support of the Morgan Jones team for all their hard work this past year, we couldn’t have done it without you!


Well, what a crazy 12 months it has been! I have laughed, cried, been excited beyond belief, felt disappointment, been extremely proud and have never felt so motivated.Most importantly I have learnt so much and looking forward to my continued growth and development on this amazing journey. If someone told me a few years ago I would be in this situation now, I wouldn’t have believed them.I can’t quite believe where the year has gone, it feels like I blinked and now we are here. We have had the most exciting, whirlwind year with so many brilliant things that have happened. New staff, new CRMs, new clients, seeing growth with current clients, more training for staff, smashing our targets, staff promotions, and many more.There have also been some huge learning curves, which with the support of the fantastic Morgan Jones Team and my brilliant business partners we have been able to overcome and flourish.I still don’t understand all aspects of running a business and I don’t suppose I will be an expert any time soon. I am very lucky to be in business with 3 wonderful women who know far more about life and business than I do. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the fundamentals of running a business. But managing the finance side and realising the costs, being able to budget and forecast, to ensure the smooth running of a business is all new to us. I am welcoming this challenge and developing my knowledge in this area.There is still so much we want to do! I am excited to learn, grow and develop with the MJ Team! We are all on this rollercoaster ride together and I look forward to more laughs and tears. I am more motivated than ever to achieve so much more!Thank you so much to all our staff for their continued support and dedication to our wonderful company!Thank you to Jonathan and Julie-Ann, as without you, I would not be where I am today!Our first year down – forever to go!

A Great Year

It would be an understatement to say it has been a very interesting first year for our new directors, stepping into their roles and learning the ropes as they go.It is, without doubt, one of the best years Morgan Jones has ever had. This is not just in terms of revenue, but also in terms of progress and change. It is not too much to say that these 4 directors have begun a huge shift in how we operate as a business, improving every aspect of our practice whilst remaining true to the ethics and ethos of the founders and previous directors.We cannot wait to see what the next years hold!

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