Top 5 Steps to a Sucessful Job Search!


Make sure you have the right resources that will enable your job search…


Ensuring that you have the right resources when conducting your job search is essential. What tools, websites and agencies are you going to use?

Firstly, what job boards are you going to be conducting your search on? There are plenty out there for example; Indeed Job Board, Reed Job Board, Total Jobs and not forgetting the Morgan Jones Job Board.


Don’t rely solely on job websites…


Job boards and websites are a great way to find all the latest roles that are available and this should definitely be something that you include in your job search. The only problem with this is that adverts on job boards and any major website have a high capacity of applications meaning your CV may not get seen.

Have you ever tried online networking? LinkedIn is an online network that recruiters use all the time to search for candidates, it’s free, it’s easy so there is no reason you shouldn’t be on there.

Do your research! Find out about potential employers and send them a direct email applying for the role. This is a great way to avoid busy job boards and get your CV in there straight away.


Sign up to your local recruitment agency…


Lastly sign up to your local recruitment agency, once you are on their database they will approach you with any role that is suits your skills and experience. It’s that easy you sign up and they do the work, how easy is that?

Don’t restrict yourself to specialist agencies make sure that you give yourself the full opportunity to approach new roles and industries.

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Ensure your CV is up to date…


When applying for a role take the time to check your CV to ensure you have listed the relevant skills and experience to the role. Modifying your CV for each individual application can sometimes take a bit of time, but by editing your CV to make it more relevant it will more likely stand out the employer.

If You haven’t already created a CV why not check out our tips and tricks on writing your CV to the best it can be. Click here

Writing a CV can be a difficult task, especially if you have not done so before. Here at Morgan Jones we like to help you with our range of clear, concise cv tips. Each one is carefully designed to ensure you make a great impression when writing a CV, giving yourself a real chance of success

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Remain positive…

Stay positive throughout your job search. Don’t take it personally if you get rejected or don’t get a response, carry on searching and applying for jobs!




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