Morgan Jones Welcomes New Regulation

What We Are Doing to Prepare for GDPR:

General Data Protection Regulation


The replacement of the Data Protection Act 1998


On the 25th May 2018 (this Friday!), new data protection rules will impose greater obligations on organisations whilst giving more rights to individuals in relation to how their personal data is processed.  Your privacy is a top priority here at Morgan Jones and we have taken this opportunity to review our systems and processes including doing some data housekeeping.


What Morgan Jones have done to prepare for GDPR


Morgan Jones have always had strict data protection procedures which encompass many of the demands of the new GDPR act. However, we have established some new methods to make the data we work with even more closely protected. Below are some of the processes we have implemented and updated.


  • A comprehensive audit of all our data processes.
  • A review of our IT systems and Payroll facilities.
  • The amendment of our timelines on how long we retain personal data so that we don’t keep it any longer than needed.
  • Our Privacy Notice has been updated to the GDPR standard and is displayed on our website.
  • A new GDPR company policy has been introduced.
  • The introduction of a quicker process to respond to requests about access to personal data and if necessary its removal and destruction.
  • We are in the process of contacting all our suppliers to ensure they are compliant with GDPR.
  • We have requested consent for continuing marketing activities.
  • Specific GDPR training for all staff.


GDPR isn’t only about electronic data, it also includes paper-based information and our attention to this is equally important.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss your personal data, please call us free on 0808 168 1474 or follow us through Social Media for updates.


Cyber Essentials Training


UK businesses are battling a huge rise in cyber-crime, capable of shutting down entire companies for hours, days and even weeks. Today, all industries are at risk – including some which may have considered themselves unlikely targets in the past. As cyber-criminals become increasingly more sophisticated, strategic and bolder in their attacks, cyber-crime continues to become a growing threat and serious concern for organisations all over the world.

Here at Morgan Jones each one of our staff members are trained on ‘Cyber Essentials’ on an on-going basis. This is awareness training and protects our business and employees by ensuring we have the right systems and education in place and that these remain up to date. It is an important aspect of security that every business needs to focus on now, so should you require any help in getting cyber essentials certified contact Business Computer Solutions  on 01843 572600.

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