You may have noticed some companies using the same black and white logo on their website and we’re sure that you have never paid too much attention to it.

But it means a lot to us here at Morgan Jones Recruitment.

We actually have two of them – ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

ISO 14001 is awarded for our environmental practices, but it is ISO 9001 that we want to discuss today.


What is ISO 9001 certification?

ISO 9001 is a certification of process quality. It shows that a company can deliver it’s services in a consistent, timely and precise manner by ensuring that they follow a specific set of processes.

It doesn’t matter whether you manufacture golf tees or write complex code for Artificial Intelligence, the certification shows that you are thorough and accurate in managing your processes from start to finish.


Why would a recruitment agency need to be certified?

It’s quite simple really.

We aim to deliver our candidates and clients the best possible service. When it comes to employment and wages, there are a lot of regulations and codes that apply to our business.

Every time we place someone in a job, we want to ensure that everything is done accurately. Some of the requirements are defined by law, but the ISO 9001 certification shows that we go one step further in ensuring our processes are consistent every time.


What gets tested to ensure compliance?

Our entire process is tested when we have our annual ISO 9001 audit. From the moment a job is listed with us or a candidate walks through our door, we have to document how we operate.

It’s not a straightforward process as it also involves checking every official document that leaves our business.

Contracts, terms of business, registration forms, payslips – that’s just a few of the documents that we complete and send every single day. Ensuring that our standard documents all meet the ISO standards can be a long process.


What does it mean for our clients and candidates?

By meeting the ISO 9001 standards, we hope that all our candidates receive the highest possible level of service.

Finding a job (or finding new staff) is an important process and we want to it to run smoothly every time.

The most important areas for our clients and candidates are:

  • All our documentation is thoroughly checked to be legally compliant and accurate
  • We guide candidates through a step-by-step process to ensure that they are represented correctly to employers
  • Our jobs are listed accurately – we never misrepresent information to candidates
  • We are able to safely and securely collect and store sensitive personal information
  • Our process is transparent – we can talk you through it at any time
  • Nothing slips through the net – contracts, references, time sheets and wages are all controlled carefully
  • We comply with all employment law and GDPR requirements and easily integrate any new regulations into our process


We certainly aren’t the only recruitment agency that is ISO 9001 certified and it doesn’t guarantee that we can always deliver results.

It does, however, guarantee that we’ll operate in a clear, transparent manner and that we don’t take any short cuts in making sure we are compliant and accurate.




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