As a recruitment agency we process hundreds of payments a week.

And no two payments are the same – hourly rates, annual salaries, tax exemptions, tax codes, pension payments, contract duration and holiday entitlements are just some of the variables we must contend with.

Many agencies will understandably use an outsourced payroll provider, and there can be some benefits to using those providers. However, over the years, we have kept our service in-house.

Why do we insist on keeping our payroll in-house?


We want to offer an end-to-end recruitment service

From the first moment you contact us to the end of your contract, we believe we can offer a better service if we have control of every element of the process. If you work on an assignment with us you may end with a number of contacts at Morgan Jones.

We hope that gives you confidence that someone is always on hand to help.


We work to incredibly tight deadlines

We collect and process hundreds of time slips in the space of a few short hours on a Monday. The combined experience of the team (more than 20 years!) means that the process is both efficient and consistent.

Their experience allows us to ensure prompt weekly payment on a Friday for every single temporary worker on our books.

We ask for your time sheet before 9.30am on a Monday for a very good reason!


We want your data to be safe

The personal information required to pay you is strictly confidential. We follow all national guidelines and we go one step further by being certified as compliant with ISO 9001 and REC standards.

Your data stays within our safe, secure system at all possible stages. For more information on how your data is used in the payroll process, pleas call us on 0808 168 1474.


We want to resolve problems quickly

We aim to avoid any issues with getting your wages paid on time. There will always be instances where a time sheet is illegible, signed incorrectly or isn’t sent through to us.

We understand this and the payroll team proactively reach out to people in these instances to try and resolve issues before they cause a delay in payment.


We think you should be able to talk to a human

Ultimately, we want to keep Morgan Jones personal. We believe that you should be able to pick up the phone and speak directly to someone who can access the right system and try to help.

If we can’t help immediately, we want the same person to phone you back with updates.

At this stage we feel we should say a big thank you to the team – Kim Tompsett, Mary Pearce and Kelly Scott. Their experience (particularly with the Monday morning rush for payslips) helps us to ensure reliability and consistency in everything we do.

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