You might know from previous blog’s that Morgan Jones have been spreading our MoJo message throughout Kent and London throwing our recruitment skills around since 2000.  We have a fab team of enthusiastic guys who love the lime light, appearing at networking events and promoting Morgan Jones (and filling those all-important jobs of course!). But let’s not forget the ‘behind the scenes’ work that our fine lassies (sadly no lads at the moment) do back stage.


The Number Crunchers!

So, capable Kim Tompsett heads up this team of precision and analytical experts whose most crucial role is to ensure that our temporary workers (not to mention our staff!) are paid the correct wage (and a cheeky bonus here and there ;) ) on time, every week. Kim has been working for MJ since the curtain first went up in July 2000 and is the back bone of the organisation! She also makes sure that our suppliers are paid and that the accounts tally – no mean feat when you have people forgetting to put their expenses through and constantly losing receipts (it’s not me honest!)

Kim is ably assisted by meticulous Mary Pearce who has worked with us since 2012 and canny Kelly Scott, the most recent addition to the team, having started last May.

All three are party animals who are the life and soul of many a Morgan Jones shindig!


Our Cool Coordinators!

Coordinating our lives, we have amazing Amelia Barnes and legendary Laura Pullen, both of whom joined the Morgan Jones crew last year. Of course, the list of their talents is endless but among other things, these valiant women make sure that accurate interview confirmations, registration invitations, and other crucial information is sent to candidates and clients as necessary. They produce advertisements and post them in all the right places and generally make sure that everything runs smoothly and everyone is where they should be, when they should be!

So, hat’s off to these unsung (now sung) heroes of Morgan Jones, who’ve all definitely got their MoJo!



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